Previous Work

Here is a sampling of work I've done over the years, both professionally and recreationally. Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions!

Love & Promise Website Screenshot

Jeweler Website Redesign

Live Link: www.loveandpromisejewelers.com

This was a project for a jeweler whose website was built in Magento 1.9. The task was a visual redesign, which still required some template adaptations to accommodate the new styles.

The design was completed by an agency hired by the client, and I worked on integrating the new styles into the existing site, along with adding on plugins like Power Reviews to enable product reviews, and the Curalate gallery plugin.

Magento is a powerful PHP ecommerce framework which was a lot of fun to work with!





Edlong Website Screenshot

Wordpress Redesign for Edlong

Live Link: www.edlong.com

This project was a complete redesign, and I was responsible for the integration into wordpress. In order to take the awesome designs our designers at Solid Digital came up with and make them functional and flexible, I created several custom page-builders from scratch for the client to use so they could easily share content in many ways across the site. This was a lot of fun to customize with ACF pro, custom fields, integrating google maps, as well as linking up some of the client technologies with forms and other features on the site.

The best thing about this type of project is working to provide a site that’s entirely customized for the end-user. Not only does the client-facing side of the site have to look good, but it goes a long way towards ease of use when streamlining the admin panel so when the site admins log in, they can easily find everything they need to and everything makes sense.

In this case, switching between two languages was helped by the multi-lingual plugin but also structuring the site and menu in a simple and straightforward way. I also made sure content was easy to find and update in all areas without feeling cluttered.



MSCI Website Screenshot

MSCI Cross-platform wordpress integration

Live Link: www.msci.org

This was a complete redesign in WordPress from an entirely different platform. Not only did this client require many custom post types and custom page-builders I created to integrate the intricate designs, but also an array of other complex features such as single-sign-on integration across multiple sites, data restructuring in order to make content easier to find, and a clever approach to user accessibility to ensure only the right people had access to the right data.

This is a very large site with many different moving pieces so re-organizing all of it was tricky, but a good example of how to really customize a site based on multiple user stories to make sure that each different visitor was able to easily access what they needed without getting irrelevant information.

The interactive and nested menus in themselves needed to be organized in the least confusing way to update, which I believe was a success. Overall, the content is much easier to find and navigate than previously. The client also provided excellent photography for the visuals.



Valiant Log Project Screenshot

Angular2 CRUD Project - Valiant Log

Live Link: Valiant Log Live

Code Excerpt: Valiant Log on Github

As part of the curriculum in my code school bootcamp, we were tasked with making a CRUD site in Angular2 in under 8 hours. I created a site for a fictional starship recording ration logs and designed it in the restricted timeframe.

This was a great exercise to see how to build a solid Angular2 site from the ground up in a short period of time and ensure both functionality and styling were in place. Most of the curriculum was very self-directed and it was a great challenge just to be able to put into practice everything I’d been teaching myself and learning and combining them into a functional project and having it to show off. This was loads of fun!

Past Personal Website Screenshot

Past personal custom designs

Code Excerpt: Wordpress Portfolio on Github

Throughout the years I have experimented with many different blog formats and designs, customizing and redesigning layouts as a challenge to myself and to better display artwork and media I wanted to share. Here are some examples of previous work I’ve built from scratch mostly using HTML and CSS for the front-end designs.

For various webcomics I managed, the pages and data was stored in a mySQL database with PHP dynamically loading the pages and allowing the user to scroll through.